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Two honest


& creative days



Topics of the day:

  • Dream work
  • Optimising your online presence
  • Creative shooting
  • Positive group shots
  • Managing expectations
  • How to sell YOU
  • & much more


Tash Jones & Carla Bell

also known as 

Love Luella & Carla Blain

We met, it was awkward, we worked solo, we met again, some more awkward, we worked together, less awkward, we worked together some more, epic team, epic friendship.


We're 16% cool....

(between us)

tea junkie

Topics of the day:

  • Year one- 24 Weddings to Year five- 74- getting the right number of weddings to suit YOU & YOUR life.
  • Free-lensing and intimate portraiture
  • Work Life Balance
  • Making every wedding count
  • & much more


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two honest ws1…

So, we held Two Honest WS1 on 6th April 2018. It was epic! Despite a few weather related hiccups we delivered a comprehensive workshop  with some amazing photographers and the feedback speaks for itself!


                                Upcoming events-

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My expectations for this workshop were completely surpassed! It really shows they care about your business.
— Lowri-Ellen Photography

Two Honest WS2 -

Tyn Dwr Hall

3rd June 2018


Two Honest Creative Day -

Girona, Spain

11th September 2018


Sincerely one of the best things I have ever done. It’s a game changer! I have found you both hugely inspiring, real and so supportive.
— Shutter-Box Photography
It gave me the kick up the pants that I needed and I only wish I could have heard all your advice a year ago
— Belle Art Photography


What's under the business mask

Shoot n Flow

Balance? Bitch, we juggle.

Dream Work

Shoot & Share

Game Of Tones



Hangry who?

Personal follow up one to ones with Carla & Tash

& as promised


It is

Honest, blunt, emotional, inspiring, intense, open, welcoming, true.

it's not

cliquey, pressured, a how to be more like us, the be all and end all, a styled shoot* 


You will leave, enlightened, excited, refreshed and ready to smash your business goals with some great friends to boot.

*Creative Days are based on shooting, less styled more passion.

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3rd june 2018



One of Wales' leading wedding venues

Tyn Dwr Hall

The beautiful venue, the stunning grounds

Intimate learning and creating with Carla Blain Photography and Love Luella Photography





Places are strictly limited to keep the intimate vibe & ensure each photographer gets the most out of the day


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